Sleek and Smooth

In October, I said good-bye to my bladder and hello to my urostomy.  We’ve spent the last several months getting acquainted with each other, and I must say, it’s going quite well.  In the beginning, I was concerned that because I’m such a slender person, it would be difficult to conceal my new addition and that everyone would always know I had a pee bag.  To be clear, I realize that I’m blogging about said pee bag right here and that I’ve spoken openly about it on national television. I obviously don’t mind if people know I have a urostomy, but they certainly don’t need to see it all the time. So I began exploring my options.

On a day to day basis, if I’m going nowhere in particular, and because it’s cold outside and I have layering on my team, I generally just wear a tight cami under my shirt.  That seems to do the trick well enough. I have also taken full advantage of the legging craze that’s sweeping the nation.  I pull those suckers right on up over my bag, and poof- the bag disappears (my stoma – which is the opening where the urine comes out of my body and goes into the bag-  is situated to the right of and just slightly below my belly button).  My shirt covers the top of the pants so no one can see that I’m in full Urkel mode under there.

The hospital gave me some sort of compression band that is white and stretchy, and while it does smooth out my profile, it gets super itchy after an hour or so. I wear it from time to time, usually with jeans (because I absolutely refuse to give up my low rise jeans I wore before this surgery, and the bag bulges with air over the top of my jeans as it fills with urine if I don’t use some sort of compression garment).  I’ve also taken to simply tucking the top of the bag down into my jeans. Bottom line: I have to empty the bag more often if I’m wearing jeans than if I’m wearing something with more give regardless which method of smoothing I choose.

I also recently decided to try out Spanx because I had a party to which I wanted to wear a dress.  OK, to be fair, I didn’t want to spend $80 on my first pair so I went to Kohl’s and got Flexees. They were about half the price and worked great!  I went with the style that has shorts that hit mid thigh and the top comes up to just under my boobs.  I wanted the versatility to wear them with skirts or pants. Even I couldn’t tell that I had a urostomy. This was amazing! It was as I stared at my sexy self in my new dress in the mirror that I felt alright about my body for the first time since surgery. These things are a god send where self esteem is concerned.


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15 thoughts on “Sleek and Smooth

  1. Pam says:

    You look amazing Kelly!

  2. Lynda Leask says:

    You look amazing Kelly and such an inspiration to everyone you have shared your story with. Thank you for sharing, you make us all want to strive for the best.

  3. Laura says:

    I had bladder augmentation -because of nerve damage – I hose the type that allows intermittent caths – it was a big procedure but worth it for quilt of life issues —-it was gard getting used to standing to cath – it is awkward in public restrooms – I a irking on not being so self conscious.
    Continued racers for you.

  4. Susan Raper says:

    Thank you for sharing this Kelly, it’s nice to meet someone that has exactly what I have. I am also a cervical cancer survivor along with a radiation induced cancer survivor.

  5. Saskia says:

    To help with the itch of the compression band, try applying a gold bond powder to it before applying the band. I’ve had patients in the past who have to wear a sort of padded brace and they have used gold bond to assist when it itches.

  6. Fatin says:

    You go girl! Don’t stop living. Whatever works for you to get out there and enjoy life, go for it! I am a breast cancer survivor who believes every minute is precious. Your story is helping a lot of people.

  7. Laura Starks says:

    Hi Kelly! Thanks for sharing this story …. it’s awesome to see your positive self shining through …. be well and keep smiling!!

  8. Nicole Clark says:

    Kelly, you looked fabulous in yours teal dress on Saturday night as always!!!! You are the strongest, most amazing girl I know!

  9. Susan says:

    Kelly, you look awesome and I love your creativity!! Your an inspiration to us all, thank you for sharing with us, blessings!!!

  10. Libby Borchardt-Allen says:

    Love the humor in your frankness!!! Love your outlook!!! Love how you never give up!!! Love that you are again able to see how sexy you are!!!! You are absolutely a rock star!!!!

  11. Katie says:

    Kelly- you don’t know me but our stories are very similar. I am 30 years old recently diagnosed with stage 1b2 adenocarcinoma of the cervix. I have started chemoradiation last week. I actually see many of the same doctors as you do as I live in St. Louis. I would love to connect. If you can see my email feel free. If you have reservations maybe talk to your psychologist. I think I know her too. Thank you for sharing your story. It makes me stronger to hear of others in similar situations.

  12. Delighted that you look and feel great.

  13. Susan Raper says:

    Would you be so kind to share the products you are using Kelly. Right now my insurance will not allow Convateac which has been the best for me. I’m having trouble finding something that works as well. I have an urostomy as well due to my cervical cancer and radiation induced cancer after. Thank you so very much!

    • kpozzoli says:

      I use Hollister products. I haven’t had any problems with them so far. I’ve had one night time leak, but I’m fairly certain it was because the bag twisted with the night bag. Good luck!

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